The European Flood Awareness System encourages partnerships and collaborations. There are three types of partnerships.

EFAS partner

Any national, regional or local authority with a legal obligation to provide flood forecasting services or that has a national role in flood risk management within its country and the European Commission Services, i.e. DG ECHO-ERCC, DG DEFIS and JRC. EFAS Partners have full and free access to all EFAS real-time forecasts and products, notifications and to the EFAS web interface.

The list of EFAS Partners is available under the 'Partners' tab.

EFAS third party partner

Any authority that contribute to flood risk management within a country often in close collaboration with the relevant flood forecasting authorities (e.g. civil protection, environmental ministries, etc.). An EFAS Third Party Partner is formally nominated or revoked by the EFAS Partner for his relevant geographic area. Once authorised by the relevant EFAS partners, an EFAS Third Partner Partner full and free access to all EFAS real-time forecasts and products, notifications in their region and to the EFAS web interface.

EFAS research projects partner

Organisation working on specific research projects and want to test EFAS products can request become an EFAS Research Project Partner to the EFAS Partner in their region. Once approved, a research agreement outlining the use of the EFAS products is signed between the themselves and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), representative of the CEMS Hydrological Forecast Centre – Analytics and Dissemination. EFAS Research Project Partners have only limited, restricted access to EFAS forecasts and products, and cannot redistribute any EFAS information to  individuals or institutions outside the signed agreement.

Becoming partners

Enquiries about becoming EFAS partner can be sent through the contact us page.

A condition of access agreement between SMHI and any new partner must be signed before any data exchange. The template for the EFAS Conditions of Access can be found here: