Which way to access data

The EFAS archive contains the operational output of EFAS as well as the modelled climatology. For more information of the model setup we refer to the EFAS overview. The data download provides access to the raw hydrological model output. There are different ways of accessing the data, and which way you choose is depending on the purpose of using the data.

  1. Access through Copernicus Climate Data Store. The data that are open to the public are also accessible through the CDS. This it the main point of accessing EFAS data and it contains all information the user will need on the data. Here the users can select which parameters and which dates they want to download. The CDS is in the final stage of development and will be released soon
  2. Access to the MARS archive. Here the user can select which part of the data that they would like to download in terms of area, dates, forcing model, time step, variables etc. The MARS archive offers a huge flexibility for the user, however it requires some basic programming skills to retrieve the data. It is therefore envisioned that the MARS access option will be used by a smaller subset of users. The data is accessible to anyone who has an account with ECMWF
  3. Direct access to data through a dedicated ftp. This enables the users to get a sub-sample of the operational data as a direct ftp transfer. The operational data will be saved for 30 days on the ftp, and all EFAS users have direct access to this data through their EFAS user accounts.

For more information regarding the data and how to access it, please see our wiki page on the EFAS archive.

Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS)

MARS is the main repository of meteorological data at ECMWF. It contains petabytes of operational and research data, as well as data from Special Projects. Read the MARS documentation for more information.

Users can browse the Archive catalogue (describing archive data that ECMWF can distribute) or the complete MARS catalogue (authorization required) from our dedicated server.

To access the data through the MARS archive you need to be a registered user at ECMWF. To create an account, please send an email to

If you are a registered user for ECMWF products, you will find the Copernicus EFAS data here:

Copernicus Climate Data Store

The CDS is an easy-access archive for all kinds of climate data. All archived EFAS data is made available as raw output. You will also be able to manipulate the data using the toolbox to retrieve the specific information you need.

Access to real-time forecast

Users who have access tot he real-time information on the EFAS map viewer can also have direct access to the forecast data through a password protected ftp. If you wish to have access to this data, please send an email to