This webinar shows the main features of the EFAs interface.

Summary of Q&A for webinar: New EFAS Interface


Q: Is it possible to download the information from the dashboard?

A: It is not currently possible.


Q: Can we bring the EFAS products in ArcGIS or QGis as web map services?

A: Soon this functionality will be available.


Q: If you set up a dashboard, can you keep location specific widget and change the date for different events?

A: Yes you can unlock the widget and change the date.


Q: Is there a manual or user guide available?

A: There will be both written information and tutorials available. Old material will also be updated.


Q: Can we see in the layers any data about freezing depth of land?

A: Not specifically. There is information about temperature and soil moisture in the model but there is no parameter visualization to show freezing depth. The model only has information about which soil layers are frozen, not the depth. Information about whether the soil layers are frozen could be added at a later time.


Q: Will all tutorials be updated for the new interface?

A: There will be new tutorials on the new interface. If you would like a tutorial with a specific topic, please ask.


Q: Where is the legend for the layers?

A: The legend for the layers is shown on the right hand side where all the layers pop up when you select a layer. There is an “i” (information) mark which you can click on, and then the legend pops up in a separate little box.


Q: Can you save the visible layers so that when you log in you see those settings?

A: Yes, it is saved as long as you use the same computer and browser. The layers you had open previously will still be open.