EFAS v4.4 sees the release of new 20-year (purple) Reporting Points on the map viewer
EFAS v4.4 sees the release of new 20-year (purple) Reporting Points on the map viewer

The latest version of EFAS v4.4, is to be released operationally on Monday 20 June 2022.

EFAS v4.4 introduces minor changes to the system, as well as some general bug fixes. Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • Reporting Points layer modified with points exceeding 20-year return period threshold (purple points) are added for quick overview of regions with expected severe events and an updated dynamic reporting points algorithm and reporting point thresholds to better align with the notification criteria. Minor changes were also made to the overview table in the reporting points pop-up window
  • New ‘Probability persistence’ layer, allowing users to better understand how reporting points are created
  • Improvements to EFAS entries on the Climate Data Store (CDS): a new functionality to subset the geographical area when downloading EFAS data, so that users can request data only for their area of interest, reducing file size and download time. Time invariant variables (including upstream area, elevation, soil depth, wilting point, and field capacity) now available alongside the hydrological variables to download
  • Upgrade of the post-processed forecasts, with new calibration of the post-processed model and post-processed forecasts available for an additional 398 stations.
  • Upgrades to the EFAS Information System. Introducing two new layers (flood probability persistence and Social Media Activity Analysis), an EFAS informal feedback collection functionality, and a feature allowing to share information from the EFAS dashboard through social media
  • Significant updates to our CEMS-Flood documentation, with a new ‘CEMS-Flood Service User Guide’ (including information on data access, data catalog/structure/formats, guides on how to work with CEMS-Floods data). Please note the new web address of the EFAS and GloFAS wikis has changed to https://confluence.ecmwf.int/display/CEMS/CEMS-Flood and will be visible following the release.

For more technical information on the release of EFAS version 4.4 please see the dedicated wiki page following the date of release.