Job Opportunity at ECMWF
Job Opportunity at ECMWF

ECMWF has published a vacancy for a Production Analyst for Environmental Applications Forecasts. This role is an exciting opportunity to work at the forefront of operational forecast production, including CEMS-Flood operational platforms (EFAS/GloFAS).

The successful candidate joins the Integration Team at ECMWF, which is responsible for the integration and support of operational forecast and related systems. The candidate will have a strong background in an operational environment. The role requires someone with strong technical skills and problem-solving capabilities able to adapt to changing priorities as provided by an evolving system. They will contribute to requirements for technical solutions related to code-refactoring, job-scheduling, parallelisation, time efficiency and modularity, as well as the development and maintenance of state-of-the art suites with the ECMWF operational infrastructure. 

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Location of position: Reading, UK

Application deadline: 08 April 2022