Climate Data Store homepage
Climate Data Store homepage

ECMWF is in the process of preparing the final phases to complete the migration to its new data centre in Bologna, Italy. This includes the move of the Climate Data Store (CDS) and Atmosphere Data Store (ADS). 

As European Flood Awareness System data is held on the CDS, users of this platform will experience disruptions to the service during the migration period, which is planned for March 2022. 

Please be aware this means that the CDS website, all CDS datasets and applications, the CDS Toolbox, and any other services linked to the CDS will be disrupted. 

Below is a table of important dates and a description of how the service will be affected. You should make note of these dates as a user of the CDS.




Monday 28 February
Wednesday 02 March 2022 

A system session for an estimated duration of 15-30 minutes will take place between 28 February and 02 March (run preferred on 01 March). 

This session is to run the last content snapshot between Reading and Bologna

Wednesday 23 March 2022 

The CDS will be shut down for the move to Bologna, therefore access will be completely unavailable for up to 1 day.  

Access will be re-established as soon as action is completed during the day 


Additional details as we approach the CDS moving date will be posted on this Forum post: 

Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to “Watch” this Forum post to receive email notifications of any future updates. 

We thank you for your patience and support whilst ECMWF carry out this significant migration to our new data centre in Bologna.