poster of HEPEX event
poster of HEPEX event

The 2020 joint HEPEX-GFP workshop will be the 8th International Workshop on Hydrological Ensemble Prediction organized by HEPEX (Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction Experiment) and the 10th annual meeting of the GFP (Global Flood Partnership).

The theme of the workshop is "Connecting the Dots". Connecting people, disciplines and efficient techniques is crucial for developing hydrological prediction systems, fostering global partnerships, sharing knowledge and, at the same time, identifying knowledge gaps on flood forecasting, flood risk and drought management and water resources planning.

The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss and exchange information on current practices, common challenges and future opportunities to facilitate operational implementations and raise awareness among decision makers in real-time forecasting, monitoring and crisis response.

The format of the workshop will be interactive and participants will have the opportunity to connect with people and their work through different sessions, including oral presentations, ignite talks, poster presentations, user panels, and the “marketplace”, a possibility to highlight your latest advances live.

To submit an abstract, please follow this link. The deadline for abstract submission is 25 May 2020.