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EFAS Bulletin October – November 2017 Issue 2017(6)
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EFAS news
  • Upcoming Events
  • User survey and first demonstration of new EFAS-IS
New developments
  • GloFAS seasonal outlook
EFAS Meetings
  • 32nd meeting of the Flood Protection Expert Group of the ICPDR, 10 October, Brussels, Belgium
  • 16th Copernicus User Forum, 13 October, Brussels, Belgium
  • 22nd Working Group Floods meeting and the related workshop on “Risk indicators and assessment”, 18-19 October, Tallinn, Estonia
  • FATHUM meeting, 16-17 November, Ispra, Italy
  • Copernicus cross service meeting between Emergency Management Service (EMS) and the Climate Change Service (C3S), 22 November, Reading, United Kingdom
  • 3rd Copernicus in situ data coordination workshop 15 November 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
EFAS New partners

EFAS Results
  • Summary of EFAS Flood and Flash Flood Notifications
  • Metereological Situation
  • Hydrological situation
  • Verification
  • Publications
EFAS Features
  • Flood Forecasting and Warning System in the Sava River Basin
  • EFAS training for Croatia
  • Case study: Floods in the Attica Region, Greece, November 2017
  • Verification
  • Publications
EFAS Bulletin October – November 2017
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